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Life saving supplies

Carbon dioxide small steel cylinders can realize rapid inflation in 3 seconds, and are widely used in fully automatic inflatable life jackets, drowning proof life-saving bracelets, motorcycle airbag suits, equestrian inflatable protective armours, portable rapid inflatable assault boats, field rescue devices, etc;


Pneumatic tools

Small carbon dioxide cylinders have the characteristics of small volume, easy to carry and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in rapid inflation of bicycles, pneumatic rodent exterminators, training air gun assistance, ornamental water and grass tanks, beauty ice plastic guns, etc;



The small steel cylinder can be filled with carbon dioxide CO2, nitrogen N2, argon AR, mixed gas, etc. different gases can enrich the taste of different drinks. In Europe and the United States, it has been mature and applied to bubble water, bubble wine, nitrogen coffee, wine dispenser, beer barrel, etc;



A business factory integrating product development, design and production

Zhongshan Zhongzhi Hardware Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Zhongzhi Hardware Co., Ltd. began to manufacture and process the high-pressure small steel cylinder body in 2012, independently researched and developed the inflation equipment in 2015, and officially manufactured the finished product. It has the ability to integrate product design, R&D and manufacturing, and can customize high-pressure gas cylinders with a capacity of 1-500ml. Adhering to the business mission of "expert in gas technology solution", the company takes small capacity gas cylinders as the core to provide consumers with high-quality and healthy innovative product customization solutions.

With the pursuit of intelligent management through scientific and technological innovation, the company has strong core competitive advantages in the domestic market, especially in fully automated manufacturing, product excellence, design and development, information technology and other aspects.

Zhongzhi, gas technology solution expert!